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chrissy-teigen-mishandles-baby-luna-photo weddings 

Chrissy Teigen SLAMMED for Mishandling Her Baby

The internet trolls are out in full force, y’all.  Chrissy Teigen was at the center of a baby scandal last night, when one of her Twitter followers shared a pic and captioned it, “@ChrissyTeigen, this is not how a baby is held!!!!”  Chrissy clapped back pretty hard, though, and said, “Really, because that’s the way I’m f–king holding her.”  After she left the fan stunned, the user didn’t take Teigen’s comment lying down.  She said, “I don’t give a crap where that baby popped out from!”  “Do not hold a baby like a handbag!”  First…

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jamie-otis-baby-photo weddings 

Jamie Otis Mourns Late Son, Shares New Photo

Jamie Otis has spoken out again about the pain she experienced in July when she lost her son to a miscarriage, four months into her pregnancy. The Married at First Sight star and husband Doug Hehner endured the worst sort of loss this summer, writing at the time that “there are no words to express the pain and sorrow associated with losing our baby.” We truly cannot imagine. Even now, a few months after this tragedy, Otis cannot stop thinking or talking about her late child. “October is pregnancy and…

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Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds, Embraces New “Drinking Buddy”

Sometimes, we wish that Olivia Wilde was our mother. Okay, maybe not. We may need to take that back. Because then we’d be fantasizing about our own mother and it would be gross and weird and we’d require years of therapy. What we’re really trying to say is this: Olivia Wilde appears to be an awesome mother! The actress and Jason Sudeikis welcomed their second child into the world this month, a daughter named Daisy. She joins brother Otis in this adorable family, with Wilde introducing her latest offspring to the universe…

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amber-tamblyn-and-david-cross-pic weddings 

Amber Tamblyn: Pregnant with First Child!

Amber Tamblyn is going to be a first-time mother. But she did not make this announcement via any kind of adorable Instagram photo. Instead, the actress wrote a lengthy, profound, moving essay for Glamour. Tamblyn, if you’ll recall, responded to that awful Donald Trump and Billy Bush video with the reveal that she was once sexually assaulted. After detailing an incident in which a man really did grab her by the pussy, Tamlyn wrote the following: “I had a hard time wearing jeans [afterward]. I couldn’t sleep without a pillow between…

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Megan Fox Baby Photo: First Precious Look!

Megan Fox has taken fans on their first journey. Literally. Sort of. The gorgeous actress shared a photo of herself and her third child on Wednesday, offering Instagram followers a glimpse at adorable little Journey River Green. Fox and long-time partner Brian Austin Green welcomed their third child into the world back in August. Yes, it’s taken Fox three months to share a single photo of her latest offspring because she is one of the more private celebrities in Hollywood. It’s true. You might not think so because men love to…

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catherine-e-middleton weddings 

Kate Middleton: Pregnant With Baby #3!! It’s a …

Is Kate Middleton pregnant for the third time?  Oh yes, according to a new report, which claims Kate is not only expecting, but fully aware of the baby’s gender – and the name she’ll give it: Kate Middleton and Prince William are already parents to a wonderful son and daughter … and now have a beautiful baby girl on the way! A baby girl they will name after his mother, Diana! The late Princess tragically died at age 36 in 1997 in a horrifying car crash, an event that will…

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pregnant-danielle-jonas weddings 

Kevin & Danielle Jonas Welcome Baby Girl!

It’s a girl for Kevin and Danielle Jonas! The former boy band member and his wife welcomed their second child today. Kevin’s brother Nick shared the news with fans via Instagram: “Ah! I’m an uncle again!” Nick wrote. “Congrats Kevin and Dani! We have another Jonas!! Can’t wait to meet that beautiful baby girl very soon.” Nick is currently in Hawaii filming Jumanji with Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black. Kevin has yet to confirm the news himself, but yesterday, he informed fans that he was expecting to become a father…

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Keonna Green Gives Birth to Nick Young’s Baby!

We’re very sorry, Iggy Azalea. But you may want to go read about something else right about now. We’re guessing Donald Trump just got accused of sexual misconduct once again. Go check that out and meet us back here in a few moments, okay? We issue this warning to the singer because he ex-fiance, Nick Young, just welcomed his second child with Keonna Green. According to TMZ, Young went straight from the Los Angeles Lakers’ season-opening victory on Wednesday night to the hospital, where he arrived just in time to be…

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stevie-j-and-joseline-on-insta weddings 

Joseline Hernandez: Stevie J is My Baby Daddy (But Won’t Take a DNA Test)!!

Volatile, unstable and allegedly expectant Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez has taken to Instagram to show off her baby bump, again. And to call out Stevie J. Again. The latest on Hernandez’s public paternity battle comes following months of speculation over who fathered the future reality TV spawn. Or, according to skeptics, whether Joseline is faking her pregnancy for ratings, attention, ’cause she’s a pathological liar or all of the above. Since she and Stevie J, her longtime partner (they were never married, despite claims of making it…

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blac-rob-and-pilot-pics weddings 

Pilot Jones: Yeah, I Made Out With Blac Chyna!

Pilot Jones has broken his silence over break Rob Kardashian’s heart.”  As if Rob Kardashian needed any more damn sadness in his life.  In the interview, Jones admitted, “I met Blac Chyna a couple years ago, at a party that I was hosting.”  The two go even further back than ChyRo, it would seem, huh?  About Rob, he said, “We never really talked about him.”  “He never really came up in conversation or anything, so I kind of found out like everyone else [that she was dating Rob].”  So not…

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