Farrah Abraham: It’s Official, She Ruined Her Daughter

Hope you’re ready for a super depressing clip of Farrah Abraham warping her poor little seven-year-old daughter, Sophia!

Oh, what’s that?

You’re not ready for it at all? You’d rather Farrah just be a decent human being so that Sophia could have someone to look up to, so that she might have some hope in being decent herself?

Huh. Well, sorry about that.

In this new clip from the upcoming Unseen Moments special from Teen Mom OG, Farrah is seen feuding with her neighbors.

It’s not clear what the fight is about, but what is clear is that Farrah is needlessly aggressive and really just terrible.

Farrah Abraham in a Pink Dress Photo

After the spat, Farrah goes inside to see that Sophia was watching and listening to the whole thing.

She actually starts to kind of apologize for her behavior, but Sophia cuts her off to say “Oh, it’s OK, you’re the best mama in the world.”

How twisted is that?

As a bonus, we get to see Farrah’s¬†archenemy, Amber Portwood, watch the clip.

Amber also feels the need to defend her actions at the reunion show, namely the part where she tried to attack Farrah.