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Goodbye: Sally Field Announces Her Retirement!

Or did she?

November 6th was Sally Field’s 70th birthday, yes 70th. The actress, with a career spanning over 50 years, has recently announced she may be retiring from acting to spend more time with her growing family.

At her birthday party, she was quoted as saying:

I am so very blessed to have such a large and loving family, I’m so grateful for all the support you have each given me over the years. I hope to spend more time with each any every one of you

Later, she was quoted as having a desire to be reducing her workload:

I might just skip out on the next role so I can see everybody more


With a 50 year career, starting with a perky young Sally in the 1960s, to famous roles as Mrs. Gump in Forrest Gump, to a family patriarch in Brothers and Sisters. She couldn’t have hoped for a more storied and successful career.

We here at All This Buzz wish Sally the best in what ever she does in the future.


Field is back on screens this spring in Hello, My Name Is Doris. You can watch the trailer below:

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14 thoughts on “Goodbye: Sally Field Announces Her Retirement!

  1. May God Bless you Sally Field in all you do. I kinda grew up with you and also had a crush on you, but that was just me.

  2. Ben Doverand Takeit

    Promise you will never appear in media again and that your silly liberal moronic leanings will also stay private. We have seen enough loons already. Sit back and enjoy your new president…..he will fix all the damage the man child did.

  3. Lilith Rambur

    I didn’t realize you are such a liberal, I take back all the support I had for you for all these years, thought you were wiser.

  4. Debora D Edwards

    my memere wanted Sally to play the role of her mother in her book ” Her name Armenie”. My family was one off the first to settle in Canada, he was Guillaume Couture….She would of loved that…We Love You Sally..enjoy your life…

  5. Ed Clemensen

    As much as I love gadget, I don’t believe for a minute she will stay retired. she’ll be back, just like Betty White and Cher.

  6. Clifford Hendricks

    She is such a pretty lady with her “Chipmonk Cheeks” But her political mind is so messed up. I’m going to miss seeing you.

  7. Wayne

    The personality that she brought to her rolls always kept you interested a\..

  8. Your role in Legally Blonde 2 shows exactly who you are. A support of a liar and cheat husband who took $$$from foreign governments to further their own self interest and pocket book. The Clintons are vile and those who support them shall reap the same afterlife. I used to look up to you as a child but once again, propaganda, George Soros and the all might dollar prove who can be bought and paid for.

  9. Alicia M. Grosso

    Great example of a lady, mother, wife, friend and so many other blessings that proof you can do anything you set your mind into without disrespecting yourself and most important the man above. Thank you for all that you shared Sally.

  10. The Biejo family

    we’ll miss you but I know you’ll enjoy your retirement with your loving family. God bless!

  11. The Biejo family

    we’ll miss you but we know you’ll enjoy your retirement with your loving family. God bless!

  12. David

    I would love to have left a more substantiative comment, but the reality is I am likely unqualified to do so, mainly because after reading the majority of the above comments I have realized the following:

    1) I have good grammar and demonstrate proper use of the English language, and
    2) I do not have a political opinion driven by slanted sites that I feel the urge to promulgate my rage and anger on the internet and make myself feel way more important than I really am.

    But hey, go ahead…you guys do you. Yay Sally!

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