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Goodbye: Sally Field Announces Retirement!

Or did she?

November 6th was Sally Field’s 70th birthday, yes 70th. The actress, with a career spanning over 50 years, has recently announced she may be retiring from acting to spend more time with her growing family.

At her birthday party, she was quoted as saying:

I am so very blessed to have such a large and loving family, I’m so grateful for all the support you have each given me over the years. I hope to spend more time with each any every one of you

Later, she was quoted as having a desire to be reducing her workload:

I might just skip out on the next role so I can see everybody more


With a 50 year career, starting with a perky young Sally in the 1960s, to famous roles as Mrs. Gump in Forrest Gump, to a family patriarch in Brothers and Sisters. She couldn’t have hoped for a more storied and successful career.

We here at All This Buzz wish Sally the best in what ever she does in the future.


Field is back on screens this spring in Hello, My Name Is Doris. You can watch the trailer below:

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23 thoughts on “Goodbye: Sally Field Announces Retirement!

  1. Reader202

    Once you started with politics, well Sally, that ended it for me.
    Anyone who could back a crock like HRC is beyond me. Do you ever listen to cable news? Benghazi and the folks that lost their lives because they were told to stand down by her? than lied to the families? REALLY
    I’m done with you. RIP

  2. Silent Hammer

    Sally, I loved you years ago. You made me laugh, smile and feel. But you should keep your errant political opinions to yourself. Is this the REAL Sally Field who gets on TV and supports the blatant obstruction of the President Elect of the United States? Why would you DO such a thing? Was it a contest you lost? Were you PRANKED? Please, go HELP some poor children in Haiti. Some folks who need water in Somalia. Go to the maoutains, for goodness sakes. But please stay out of politics. You SUCK at it.

  3. Mary Fitzgerald

    Enjoy each decade of your life. Your family hertiage resulted in the discovery of the first Thanksgiving dinner an American family holiday favorite. I am certain you will gain strength and privilege from this knowledge. When you turn 90 you will think back and say 70, I was way to young to retire from acting!

  4. America


  5. Barbara

    Good Bye and Good Luck, get out and stay out with your Leftist opinions.

    1. FO you hater, you need to retire, she has done more good then you probably ever will with your life, you can say” you don’t know me” But I do, just by the blog you wrote alone tells your story enough!

  6. Cindy Becker

    I will miss you Sally Field! You are a delight to watch on TV and Film!

  7. Sheila Wallace

    I have always enjoyed Sally Fields acting. She was so genuine in the roles she played. My favorite Sally Fields movie was “Gidget Goes Hawaii.” I watched it in the winter time when I was younger and always wondered about how beautiful Hawaii must be. I use to always say people who live in warm climates must think we are crazy to live in Michigan. I have been blessed to visit Hawaii on a few occasions. It is beautiful, but there is no place like home. Michigan is also a beautiful state. I enjoy the four seasons. I wish Sally Fields the best in retirement, she looks great! Enjoy your life Sally and think about making one more good

  8. Gwen Shaw

    It’s been a pleasure watching you all these years.. Sally, Good Luck.

  9. maquignon

    Sally Fields and Meryl Streep prove that acting ability has NOTHING to do with intelligence!!!!

    1. I wished God hadn’t created so many haters an idiots like yourself, BTW, Is this Trump?

  10. richard smith

    I’ve always been a fan of Sally Field. The parts she played over the years were powerful and well acted. So, I say farewell and good luck as you gracefully retire from the big screen and start fully enjoying your growing family.

  11. started following you in the flying nun.
    thanx for many great performances since.

  12. Tom

    Just another actress that won’t be missed

    1. Like someone like you that nobody knows exists?

  13. ron

    So glad to see you retire. Can’t say what I really think about you because it is not polite.

    1. They should make a law that outlaws stupid people, Our Jails would be full of Trumplers.

  14. DonRS

    I was hoping she was leaving the Country! No such luck!

    1. Then do us all a favor and you take her place.

  15. robert powell

    allways a clean-vibrant girl no sleazy garbage from her ..a good family kid with a good outlook.EXTREMELY RARE IN GARBAGE-TOWN HOLLYWOOD

    1. That was a really nice an human remark you made, Thank You.

  16. Dana

    Sally is a very talent, smart, beautiful woman ! Makin great movies fir us to enjoy !

  17. Annie

    I truly truly love Sally Field. I will miss her.

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