Kylie Jenner: Engaged and Ashamed?!

So this is one of those classic “good news, bad news” situations.

It’s good news for Kylie and Tyga, and bad news for literally everybody else.

See, Kylie and Tyga are engaged. Allegedly. Again.

This is hardly the first time we’ve heard engagement rumors about these two — in fact, we hear engagement rumors so often that we’re kind of getting scared we’re stuck in some kind of Twilight Zone time loop.

That, or hell.

But this time, the engagement rumor is special, because, according to a on his birthday last week.


(That’s not like an “awww, so sweet!”, by the way, it’s more like “awww, I just had lunch and now it’s coming right back up.”)

As the story goes, “Kylie asked Tyga what he wanted for his birthday, and he said ‘I want you and no one else.’ And then he asked her to be his wife!”

We know, we know, it’s so hard to imagine Tyga being asked what he wants for his birthday and responding with anything other than “I don’t know, man, a leopard or some sh-t,” but let’s just go with it.

“Kylie was just blown away,” the source claims. “She absolutely adores Tyga and wants nothing more than to build a life with him.”

“She always felt they were soul mates. So of course she said yes.”

Unfortunately, nobody else would be quite so excited about a Kyga engagement.

“Kylie knows she’ll have an uphill battle persuading her family that it’s the right time to marry Tyga,” the source says.

“But they’ll have to accept it if they truly care about her. This is what she wants; she’s so happy with him.”


If this news has any little bit of truth in it, it’s pretty depressing for a number of reasons.

One, Tyga started hanging around Kylie when she was 14 years old. She was 14, he was about 22 — that’s disgusting.

They’ve always been kind of vague about when they actually started dating, but it was definitely before she turned 18. Any way you slice it, it’s creepy. It just is.

Two, Kylie’s only 19 years old now. She’s not a Duggar, she can take a few more years to live her life before she permanently ties it to someone else’s.

Three, if Kylie’s entire family thinks it’s a bad idea to marry Tyga right now, then maybe there’s a possibility that there’s something to that.

Maybe, just maybe, her mother and her siblings have a little more life and love experience than she does.

It’s sad to think that she’d put her relationships with her family members under such stress for some guy — for some Tyga — but it wouldn’t be unheard of for Kylie to show zero evidence of possessing any sense.

What a mess.