Kylie Jenner Reveals Edgy New Lip Kit Shade!

Kylie Jenner is throwing a new batch of shade at her fans.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star announced the latest shade to her popular lip kit on Tuesday and it is…

…. are you ready for this? Can we get a drumroll please?

It is a ​black metal matte called Majesty!

Here. Take a look at the 18-year old teasing a swatch on her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page, which is followed by 3.7 million fans for some reason:

“I just couldn’t wait to share,” Jenner captioned the photo. “Coming super soon.”

It makes sense Jenner would go with a black shade at some point, doesn’t it?

This is the color all the women in this famous family like their man, so it’s safe to assume they like their lips the same way.

In a series of Snapchat videos yesterday, however, Kylie gave credit to her fans for the selection.

“Remember when I asked what color you guys would want to see next for Kylie Cosmetics?” she asked. “Well, a lot of you said black.”

Jenner then posted another selfie taken outdoors to show off the color in a different light.

“Yes it has blue undertones,” she captioned the image.

Jenner, who is hilariously coming out with a second book this fall, discussed the motivation behind her ridiculously popular product in a post on her website this week, too.

“Long before I got my lips done, I was really obsessed with lipstick,” she wrote on Monday.

“I was always trying to make my lips look bigger, but didn’t want people to know I was actually wearing lipstick.”

She said that she used to overline her lips with MAC’s Whirl pencil, likely earning a nice chunk of cash from that company for citing it.

After claiming for several months that her lips were all natural, Jenner admitted about a year ago that she actually uses lip fillers. No one was shocked.