Tokyo Toni: Blac Chyna’s Mom Goes OFF on Rob Kardashian in Profane Tirade!

Tokyo Toni – AKA Blac Chyna’s bizarre-ass mother – has her claws out, and she’s ready to scratch a … Kardashian. 

Toni, real name Shalana Jones-Hunter, is pissed that Rob had the audacity to refer to his future (?) mother-in-law as a “loose cannon” in a preview for the upcoming Rob & Chyna Baby Special airing. 

Ol’ Tokes was so ticked that she went on a profanity-laced Instagram rant blasting her daughter’s baby daddy. 

This isn’t the first time she’s gone after a member of the Jenner/Kardashian family — she previously attacked Kylie Jenner over plastic surgery. 

What class. 

What couth. 

What refinement

Toni wrote (edited for spelling, punctuation, content, and anything else that might blur your vision), “A loose cannon? Since I am the topic of y’all’s conversation to be demonized!”

“Really my n—? Cool.”

She continued:

“No, you’re entire family are loose cannons, boy. Think about it! Don’t ever come for me again, @RobKardashian, to Scott or nobody else.”

“I don’t f–k with you people at all, so why come for me?”

“I got your loose cannon! I was a loose cannon because your entire family dogged my kid so thank God I don’t have to be a loose cannon anymore!”

Toni crassly went on, “Y’all family now, honey! So now I can focus on my life! Real life situations that you wouldn’t know s–t about!”

“I was your friend, I talk to you for hours on end trying to keep your relationship together and guess what: you own your own.”

“My phone number is all over the internet; you could have picked up the phone and told me I was going to get dog out on your show.”

Oh, and it gets even worse:

“The funny part is … well, never mind, I’ll tell you that in person. BTW, I have no more plans on being on the show to be dogged out like this!” 

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